Thursday, July 19, 2007

19 July

Today, we created head letter in Words. I am happy that I learned the easiest way to draw lines and make a table adding colors for background and fonts.
We also talked about assistive technology. I have a cousin who needs special aids. He came to the America this January to get better education from Korea. I just can't wait to tell him useful Web Sites that we talked during the class.

It is unofficially last day of the class. I've enjoyed working with all of you and learned a lot. I hope all my learning from this emerging technology class make my class more helpful and useful for my students.
Thanks Anne, Vincent, Nancy, Michelle, Jody, Angelo, Nicole, Rachel, Alana and Janet to share your ideas and experience.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18 July

Today, I read other's ASSURE lesson plan. It was a first time for me to creat ASSURE lesson plan following certain format. I think everybody did great job.
We also had some time to create Inspiration program. I've never used this one, but it is a great tool to be used as a graphic organizer in the classroom.

When it comes to how technology is developed compared to past, my friend's story reminded me. I am not cyberbulling her, but her story was so shocking to me that I want to share it.
She had her boyfriend in Korea and also in U.S.A. Her American boyfriend put some vidoe clips on his blog or somewhere online(I am not quite sure) when they went to Long Island beach. While her Korean boyfriend was looking at the Long Island beach pictures on line for his homework in Korea, he could see the video clips of her and her American boyfriend. After that, you know, her two-timing life was over.

Like my friend's case, E-thungs, or cyberbulling is all greek to me. There are too many things going on there, but it's difficult for me to hard to catch up with. Technology is going to be a huge part of our lives. That's why I am taking this class and I'm trying little by little.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

About Digital Story Telling

This is the blog that my classmates and teacher in the Digital Story Telling class used. I think you can get some information about Digital Stories.

Bonnie is the teacher in the class. If you have any questions about DS, you can visit her blog. She will answer you. I hope it is helpful for you guys.

17 July

It's Constitution Day in Korea. My family and friends are probably taking a break today.

Two presenter Anne and Angelo presented about blog. Now I am more familiar to blog. I didn't know that there are many different types of blogs such as artlog, photonlog, vlog or mp3 blog. I also liked Angelo's history task which I want to give it a try in my class.
Thanks to Nicole, I got to know about the amazing device SENTEO. I really like use it in my classroom.
I also checked free upload services online for podcasting as Alana told this information. They are awesome. I just can't wait to create my own podcast.

I think all we did great job. Now I feel like I know something about technology. ^^

Monday, July 16, 2007

16 July

Those newpaper news brought in the classroom made my eyes open. Scientist created child-like robot in Japan so that they can study how the child learns a language, recognizes objects and learns to communicate with his father and mother.
And here's another. Camera keeps online students honest. It blocks down a computer whil the test is being taken, preventing students from searching files or the Internet.
Also, farmer's blog is interesting. It tells the daily workings of the farm and informs cutomers what will be at the farmers market that week. Aren't they so aweome? Living in a technology world is amazing. Of course, it has disadvantage, though. Who know some of us can create stunning technology in the future?

Then, we had presentations in Lecture Center. I had no idea what I was talking during presentation. But, it was great to share you. Thank you for listening my nonsense presentation.

Friday, July 13, 2007

13 July

Today, we talked about Podcasting. I've never heard that term. I think it is a great program for students in that they can listen to a lecture anytime and anywhere. I also can use it in a classroom instead of students' handing out papers, they can hand their own created podcasting.

Thanks God, it's Friday. This week, I have a class from 8 to 11 30 and I work from 12 00 to 4 00. Then, I do my homework until I get it done. Can I take a break this weekend? No way. I need to prepare presentation, drinking beer!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

12 July

Today, we shared our WebQuests that we worked on yesterday. Actually, I was having fun creating this. Imagining how this culture fair can work in the classroom and how enjoyable students are made me smile. During sharing each other's WebQuests, it seemed that everybody did good job. This activity gave me some idea how I can use WebQuests in the classroom in a different ways. Also, we created our own WebSites. Unfortunately, because of the technology problem ^^, I couldn't save it. But, now I know how to create Websites myself. I just can't wait to create another website when I go home.