Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10

It was the second day of the class. We discussed the articles from a 2020 Vision, talking about the advantages and disadvantages of usages technology in the classroom. By using technology in the classroom, if a student is absent, he/she can catch up with classess easily and a teacher can observe students learning progress easily. However, there are some disadvantages that studnets are not able to have computer at home. In that case, a teacher can give enough time to students to finish the homework so they they can go to a library or computer lab in school.
We also created furl account so that we can share interesting articles with other people. I searched five articles during the class that I wanted to share with my classamates and added comment about each article.
I also saw how smartboard works well in the classroom. By using a smartboard, a teacher can monitor what other students are doing.

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Janet said...

This was a great summary of our class discussions. Hopefully we will continue to explore new ideas!