Thursday, July 19, 2007

19 July

Today, we created head letter in Words. I am happy that I learned the easiest way to draw lines and make a table adding colors for background and fonts.
We also talked about assistive technology. I have a cousin who needs special aids. He came to the America this January to get better education from Korea. I just can't wait to tell him useful Web Sites that we talked during the class.

It is unofficially last day of the class. I've enjoyed working with all of you and learned a lot. I hope all my learning from this emerging technology class make my class more helpful and useful for my students.
Thanks Anne, Vincent, Nancy, Michelle, Jody, Angelo, Nicole, Rachel, Alana and Janet to share your ideas and experience.


Nicole said...

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you as well. If I ever get the chance to get into Digital Storytelling, I know just who to turn to! Have a great rest of the summer!

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing so much with us in class. i hope that your knowledge will help you nephew achieve his education goals.

Anne said...

The interview went very well! Thanks for the use of your lap top computer! See technology really does work in the classroom, and for interviews as well!
PS- I like your picture on your blog. It looks like you are in Hawaii.

Janet said...

Thank you for sharing so much with us during this class, Cindy. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!