Monday, July 16, 2007

16 July

Those newpaper news brought in the classroom made my eyes open. Scientist created child-like robot in Japan so that they can study how the child learns a language, recognizes objects and learns to communicate with his father and mother.
And here's another. Camera keeps online students honest. It blocks down a computer whil the test is being taken, preventing students from searching files or the Internet.
Also, farmer's blog is interesting. It tells the daily workings of the farm and informs cutomers what will be at the farmers market that week. Aren't they so aweome? Living in a technology world is amazing. Of course, it has disadvantage, though. Who know some of us can create stunning technology in the future?

Then, we had presentations in Lecture Center. I had no idea what I was talking during presentation. But, it was great to share you. Thank you for listening my nonsense presentation.


jody said...

Your presentation was not nonsense! It was wonderful. As a matter of fact, you inspired me. I am so excited about Digital Storytelling as a result of your presentation. It seems like such a creative use of digital media. I am thinking about taking the SUNY New Paltz course next summer in order to learn how to create my own Digital Stories. Thank you!


Nancy said...

I agree that your presentation was wonderful yesterday. Your story about your father was very touching. I think all children have been embarrassed about their parents at one time or another and later regretted it as they got older. You were able to use the digital story telling tool to share your experience in a very moving way.
I was also moved by the story of families reuniting in Korea.
The three examples show such a range of how this tool can be used. I am starting to think of ways to have my students use this tool.

Janet said...

You discussed story telling well, and your examples were inspirational, I agree. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

Rachel said...

I really enjoyed your presentation. So much so that I'm considering taking the Digital Storytelling class in the future myself. Thanks for the information and for sharing your touching stories.
P.S. My father answered the door for pizza delivery, the delivery boy happened to be a cute guy I had a crush on, wearing gold stretch shorts! Needless to say I did not go to the door with him and hid as well!

mich021 said...

I thought your presentation went very well. I enjoyed learning about digital storytelling. I am interested in trying to create my own digital story. With the information that you gave us, I am excited to give it a try.

Vincent said...

Whereas most of the class introduced and described emerging technologies you also showed us how powerful and meaningful your particular technology on digital story telling could be, great job.