Wednesday, July 18, 2007

18 July

Today, I read other's ASSURE lesson plan. It was a first time for me to creat ASSURE lesson plan following certain format. I think everybody did great job.
We also had some time to create Inspiration program. I've never used this one, but it is a great tool to be used as a graphic organizer in the classroom.

When it comes to how technology is developed compared to past, my friend's story reminded me. I am not cyberbulling her, but her story was so shocking to me that I want to share it.
She had her boyfriend in Korea and also in U.S.A. Her American boyfriend put some vidoe clips on his blog or somewhere online(I am not quite sure) when they went to Long Island beach. While her Korean boyfriend was looking at the Long Island beach pictures on line for his homework in Korea, he could see the video clips of her and her American boyfriend. After that, you know, her two-timing life was over.

Like my friend's case, E-thungs, or cyberbulling is all greek to me. There are too many things going on there, but it's difficult for me to hard to catch up with. Technology is going to be a huge part of our lives. That's why I am taking this class and I'm trying little by little.

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